Ruta Ulcinaite

You Can Start a Startup, too

I’m afraid of failure and rejection. So coming up with a creative and smart startup idea for class was giving me major anxiety.nI didn’t feel like I had the next great idea that could change the world. I knew I wasn’t Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, or Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx.

So when we had to present our startup ideas at MSU’s Hatch in front of the whole class, I was really doubting myself.

I had a couple ideas, but none that I thought were anything extraordinary. It was between new makeup technology that could help find women’s perfect shade or something you put in a high heel to help ease high heel pain controlled by your iPhone. I went with makeup because that’s what I know best and you know what? It didn’t go as bad as I thought!

Something about being at The Hatch, MSU’s entrepreneurial-support space, and listening to creative people talk about their businesses inspired me and gave me confidence. I realized I don’t have to think of the best idea right now, but what I can do is use a creative space like the Hatch to brainstorm and get inspired.The Hatch is a creative outlet that student entrepreneurs can go to to turn their ideas into a business. They offer resources, events and workshops that provide students with the right leadership and tools to get a good idea on its feet. Everything from help with labeling the product to manufacturing and distributing.

Everyone in the class had really great ideas. I genuinely though a couple were good enough to really take off at a place like The Hatch, which gives students free resources to start companies! My favorite pitch was an app/website that offered people to trade skills. So let’s say I speak fluent Lithuanian, I could put that skill on the app and then trade with someone to learn something like salsa dancing. I would teach someone Lithuanian and in return I would get salsa lessons, for free! That’s something I would definitely love to be a part of.

The overall exercise of thinking of a startup idea and elevator pitching it to the class helped me get over my own personal fears of rejection and failure and made me loosen up a bit. I’ve never done anything like that before and it was really cool to stand there in front of everyone and tell them about a cool idea I had. It was nice to receive positive reactions and questions about my idea and how it would work – people were genuinely interested!

So if a scaredy cat like me can get up there and pitch my startup, then you definitely can too. I’ve learned that it’s all about having a good idea, having some confidence and running with it.

3 thoughts on “You Can Start a Startup, too

  1. I loved your idea, too! You had no reason to be scared! I’m sure there is a consumer who would want it, especially given today’s online-driven marketplace. Now we know that you can go to the Hatch and pitch it, and potentially get the money to start working on your service!

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  2. As someone who loves public speaking I was lucky enough to find pitching ideas fun and exciting. I definitely see where you are coming from because presenting something like an idea might be intimidating. However, I think you did a really great job and I’m sure this experience has prepared you better for future challenges.

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  3. I definitely feel where you were coming from with having anxiety about this assignment. I was so nervous that people would think my idea was dumb, or I would mess up and not be able to accurately describe my idea in the minute that was allotted. I thought your idea was really well thought out and well delivered!

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