Modern Day Entrepreneurship

As I approach graduation, looking back at the creating/marketing media class in which we focused on entrepreneurship, I realize how essential the knowledge I learned really is. Not only is it essential for students and working professionals in the world of communication, but it is knowledge that could be beneficial to those in all majors and careers.

Entrepreneurship photoIn this class we learned about how to navigate social media platforms, learn what would be best for certain target audiences, explored ideas about start-ups, met and visited with many successful entrepreneurs who told us of their experience, and so so much more.

Taking this class I learned a lot more about the backend of social media, which is something that is so prevalent among my generation, which is a huge target audience. We learned about analytics and how to market ourselves as well as an idea or product. There was so much about how to navigate the internet and how to utilize resources that we have at the tips of our fingers. But most of all we learned how to ask questions and find problems.

Because you can’t solve anything without identifying the problem.

That is the most important thing I learned. It’s something so simple yet something people commonly overlook. To create a startup you must start with a problem, then solve it.  With that you will find your product.

Entrepreneurship is about solving problems, but also solving problems that you actually care about. Find your passion within the solution. Whether thats creating awareness about ADHD like Peter Shankman or creating an app that connects drivers with people who need a ride like Uber. Every company and every product starts with a problem then an idea to solve that problem. Therefore I also learned, its not impossible to create something successful; it just takes a lot of work and dedication.

The tools I learned during that class will most definitely benefit me in the future, even if it is something as simple as learning the importance of networking and following through with my ideas.

My favorite experience during the class was when we visited Detroit. We met several individuals that have started their own businesses. I got to see and meet people first hand that were successful with their start-ups and not only successful but thrived and are continuing to expand upon their start-ups and initial ideas.

If I could give any advice to literally anyone, it would be to take a class like this where you learn more about entrepreneurship, media, advertising, marketing and so much more. You can apply it to your company and even yourself. Because everyone needs to market themselves right? I know I do, being a soon to be graduate, I have to market myself to potential employers. You can apply so many of these tools to different aspects of your work life.

Once you understand the media and evolution of online platforms, you have already become more successful than most people.

Start with learning something small, then you can expand upon that.



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