Anthony Sandoval

Peter Shankman: Mogul, Author, Skydiver, The CatMan

As you know, I am a Michigan State student. Last week, my class was fortunate enough to have a chat with Peter Shankman. Peter is a entrepreneur and author, but he is so much more.

Shankman has ADHD (Attention deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), but he uses it to his advantage. A faster brain allows Peter to act like a superhero in his work. He grinds. I mean I’m talking about a guy waking up at four-in-the-morning, petting his cat, working out, then going straight to work. Some of you may be asking if that was a typo . . . nope. He loves his cats, has two of them.

The best part is, I’m not even done talking up this man. He has made more than ten million dollars on ideas that he sold. On our chat he says he likes being the “big idea” guy because he is bad at managing, which I am sure most people can relate. I, myself, can relate. I am terrible with time management. So, Peter Shankman, so far, is a creative idea entrepreneur, cat lover, millionaire man, with ADHD.

Pysch. I’m not even done.

Peter also writes books. Only on planes. Yes, on planes. He books flights, from New York to destination B, then back. Just to get that alone time to focus on his work. I mean, my god. As a writer, I relate. Sometimes, when writing you need to be alone and be distant from all. He finished four books on planes, and I don’t think Shankman is going to stop there. I mean, he grinds. CatMan is not stopping–ever.

He also has a podcast called Faster than Normal where he preaches how ADHD is a gift, and hopes that others with the disorder feels the same. He also touches the subject of business development, self-care, and staying motivated.

Have I said he finished twenty-three marathons, twelve Olympic distance triathlons, two half-Ironman triathlons and one full Ironman triathlon? Oh, yeah, there’s that too.

He is best known for creating Help A Reporter Out, which is a platform that connects journalist to sources quickly. Over 200,000 sources online, for all journalists to use at their disposal. Ok, Pete, I see you. Revolutionizing the journalism game, I see you. Big idea guy, remember? He started this company out of his apartment, sold it in 2010, and it all started with that grind of waking up each early morning and working extra hard, probably on his own at first, to make this start-up happen.

If you are reading this and being like, “Nah, man. He’s not special,” you are dumb as a rock. No offense, but like ARE YOU READING THIS?? Like processing the information? CatMan is real. And not like tangible, Peter Shankman is a real grinder, which is great, because America is stereotyped as lazy, and plenty of Americans have adopted this stereotype. It is good to see that there is someone that still has that hustle.

I was glad I was able to talk to Peter with my class, he really has a lot to say, and I can honestly say, he really wants everyone to succeed, at least, that’s the vibe I received.

He told us how to be successful. Wake up thirty minutes early was one of his key notes. He said If you can wake up thirty minutes early, everything in your day would be less stressful, which would result in you getting more done. Another, was eliminating unnecessary decisions. When you think about it, that is great advice. I swear, I have pondered over what I should do first, or what I should eat for like an hour before. Maybe that is just me, but if I had something right in front of me and I would just eat, everything would be so much easier.

Lastly, exercise. That is a big detail. Exercise can help you gain energy, feel better, and overall just put your body at ease. He isn’t saying like you have to kill your body before you start your day . . . no, maybe just a thirty minute run, a hundred jumping jacks? I don’t know, I am no trainer, and neither is he. The point is, exercise will make you have a better day, and it is a point that you can start your day on.

Peter Shankman overall really motivated me to be a better person. Mainly for self-growth, but as a student. He gave life lessons that help with things more than entrepreneurship, but motivation and self gratification. He truly is a modern day superhero in my eyes, and probably others as well. Peter Shankman is The Catman.

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