Allia Mcdowell

What goes around comes around (for $237 million)

A few weeks ago I was listening to Alex Blumberg botch his first-ever pitch to an investor to get funding for his podcast startup. Now am I listening to him talk about selling that startup, also known as Gimlet Media, for $237 million. What a turn around. In my last blog I detailed some of… Continue reading What goes around comes around (for $237 million)

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Coney Island (without the Coney Dog)

Michigan is known for a lot of things – the Great Lakes, the automotive industry, its iconic mitten shape… and Coney Island Restaurants. The history starts out in Detroit with American Coney Island in 1919, founded by William and Constantine Keros. The two, however, had a falling out, prompting William to open up Lafayette Coney… Continue reading Coney Island (without the Coney Dog)

Allia Mcdowell

Owning a keyboard doesn’t make you a journalist

No one goes into journalism for job security. No reporter has ever told me that they never once feared for their future in the industry. We don’t studying journalism to have an easy path upon graduation. We study it because of passion. The news of the layoffs at Gannett and Buzzfeed has sparked a lot… Continue reading Owning a keyboard doesn’t make you a journalist