Kiara Carter

Time to Fix the News Media

This past year we have heard a lot about fake news and journalism ethics.

Whats real and whats not?

It is a really big question because we are told stories about our president that may or may not be true and then we don’t hear much about stories that are really affecting major groups of people.

1*9WFyUxRpAJHOT-0fjKMuWgMedia expert Ken Doctor tells us in his NiemanLab article that the news media really needs to rebuild and get back to what they used to do, which was inform people about major things that were going on and bring attention to things they might have never know about.

Accountable was a word italicized and grabbed the readers attention. Accountability was something news organizations strived for because thats what made them known to the public and big; they spoke the truth and could back up everything that they were saying.

I personally don’t think accountability is just in the media; I think it has to be in the people or companies that stories are getting written about. If a journalist does their job and reports the truth, then the person or company they are reporting on needs own up to it and say I was wrong. The media or new media’s job is to report what they find and it should be the truth.

Something huge that stood out to me was to project strength not weakness and show, don’t tell, impact. I think those are the most profound statements that journalist need to follow. Your stories should be so in-depth and strong that the audience doesn’t have to question what you are speaking on because you have laid out everything you know and make it clear.

Then show don’t tell, impact. I think IMPACT is the word that you should think about every time you write an article. Your story should be something that grabs the readers attention and honestly make them think that they can spark change or affect something in a way that causes change. As journalists, we have the opportunity to inspire people with our stories and talk about things that effect a their lives.

Getting back to true journalism and what people actually want to hear about is huge because I think that’s why many people are following alternative news organizations.

The topic fake news drives me insane; I think that a lot of what is being talked about is real but people of power like President Donald Trump don’t like whats being said and thats the easiest way to discredit what is being said an the people who are reporting it. But if you speak the truth and follow your ethical values you have nothing to worry about but doing your job.

2 thoughts on “Time to Fix the News Media

  1. I really like your stance we must get back to true journalism because as of now ethics have been thrown out of the window in a sense. A lot of news is reported so quickly through social media it is sort of causes ethics to be ignored. There has been times where on twitter a trade in professional sports supposedly took place and minutes later the account states it fell through. The use of the word IMPACT by you really summarizes it all we write and report to keep everyone abreast of what is going on as well as to possibly teach a lesson and promote change. You said it best fake news needs to be taking away.


  2. I agree with you 100 percent on accountability in journalism, both on the reporting side and the side that’s being reported on. As far as having impact and reporters showing people why what they’re writing about is important, I also think that reporters need to find innovative ways to tell stories, while maintaining that honesty and accountability in their reporting. I think that a lot of reporters are more concerned with being the one to break a story prior to having the full scope of a story, and when more comes out and reporters have to retract things because they rushed to hit the “publish” button, it creates a lot of distrust for readers who may have otherwise had faith in news media.


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