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Abby Bassett: Creating your own path


One of the coolest parts of being a student and learner of a nontraditional industry such as journalism and communications, is learning about all the different possibilities of career paths and opportunities. I feel like each time I speak to a professional involved with journalism or like industries, I think to myself: ‘Wait, you get to do that for a living?’

Other common thoughts:

‘I didn’t even know that type of job existed.’

‘How do I get to do that?’

‘You can’t find that in a Google search.’

Abby Bassett is one of those professionals whose career path took me for a loop. I’ve heard the term ‘freelance’ quite a few times throughout my education, but never did I understand or pay attention to what it entailed. By the end of our conversation with Abby, I thought how incredible it would be to call your own shots and take on challenges you choose.

I did some browsing of Abby’s blog while she was explaining her career path, following along with her resume and posts. Ten years at CNN and CNNMoney. Most people would get to that level and stop, or stop searching for something else. I found it extremely admirable that Abby not only uprooted herself to a new life, but followed her passion and made a career out of it. Too often people become just too comfortable. And then they settle.

Why this particular action of Abby meant so much to me stems from my own slight insecurity and risk I took for my own career path. I always told myself that I would be a journalist no matter what. No other option existed. I would make it happen. Well, four years later I found out that I really enjoy business and accepted a full-time job in corporate marketing. I love that business is a new area for me to explore and am excited to see where this path takes me. Yet, there are times where a little voice in my head questions the decision I made.

And now to the point I’m trying to make…It’s awesome that career switch-ups are possible when you have the desire and drive to do so. Abby’s conversation with us proved that one great thing can lead to another great thing. Sometimes only a leap of faith is required. You always hear that one should never stop being a student in whatever it is that they do; I feel that Abby has exemplified what this means, as each new assignment she has taken on in the past three years has taught her something about a new industry, specific client, or even her own strengths and weaknesses.

Other mind-blowing aspects of our discussion:

Why did no one ever tell me not to wear white on camera?! Small patterns? Soft light?

Alright, I probably knew the soft light tip, but the other two shocked me along with a few other tidbits she gave on video shooting and editing.

As our conversation with Abby Bassett concluded and some self-reflecting took place on the walk to my next class, I became pretty excited about what the future could hold.

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