David Greenberg

Using Social Media to Grow Your Brand

If there is one thing that social media is helpful with it is entrepreneurship and building your own business. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow you to build your own brand and reach multiple different amounts of people. One person that made an entire fortune out of building his brand on social media sites,… Continue reading Using Social Media to Grow Your Brand

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Coney Island (without the Coney Dog)

Michigan is known for a lot of things – the Great Lakes, the automotive industry, its iconic mitten shape… and Coney Island Restaurants. The history starts out in Detroit with American Coney Island in 1919, founded by William and Constantine Keros. The two, however, had a falling out, prompting William to open up Lafayette Coney… Continue reading Coney Island (without the Coney Dog)

David Greenberg

An Idea, Ready to Hatch

To me, there is something so unique about start-up companies. When people think of the world’s largest companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and thousands of other ginormous companies, they often forget they first originated as an idea. After getting a birds-eye view of MSU’s start-up company center, The Hatch, it gave me a unique perspective… Continue reading An Idea, Ready to Hatch

David Greenberg

The ever-evolving world of media: adapt or DIE

It’s pretty simple, and it might make me sound like an old fart to some of you, but … when I was born in 1997 there were no — what do the kids call ’em nowadays? — iPhones? the Google machine? I’m just kidding, of course I know what those things are. I was born… Continue reading The ever-evolving world of media: adapt or DIE