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Final or New beginning

Entrepreneurship is destined to be a difficult thing. I have learned a lot about the secrets of starting a business.

At first, we did not establish the goals of our team. I had a lot of ideas, but they were all denied by myself. I hoped to create a brand-new product. Both my companions and I hoped to create a unique product. We all hoped that our products will be the best. Of course, I knew that it would take a lot of effort.

Among the many tasks, I like Coney Island the most. I am a foodie. The relationship between food and entrepreneurship makes me feel new. Comparing the same foods in different restaurants, we have obtained the necessary conditions for a good restaurant, reasonable price, good environment and normal business hours. My tutor asked us to go to different restaurants to eat the same food is an easy way. But the content found in the restaurant and through the web search is completely different. Only through experience did we know the real difference. It’s like our company. At first, it was a challenging job, and after we did it. We realized its difficulties and interesting points so that we could learn its secrets.

We first need to understand the entrepreneurial experience of entrepreneurs. We had read many stories of successful entrepreneurs. I am very grateful to my mentor, Amy Haimerl, who has given us a lot of reading materials. These materials not only let me know the stories of these successful people but also let me expand my knowledge base. I was surprised that Airbnb started with cereal.

After we learned from successful entrepreneurs, we started our own company. We have completed a lot of tasks and slowly learned the difficulties of the startup. Real entrepreneurship is not something that can be done with a thought. This is a difficult thing. My mentor’s approach is correct, step by step, and slowly break down a huge and challenging assignment into one small assignment. In the future, I will also break down the challenging issues into small ones and solve them one by one.

I also learned a lot of interesting abilities from my team. Katie is a member of the team. I admire Katie’s decisiveness. Katie and I are responsible for making videos to introduce our great company. When I asked that we needed a few volunteers, she immediately found two volunteers to help us shoot video. This decisiveness and execution is something I don’t have. Then we found another kind professor who was willing to help us shoot the video. In the beginning, I thought we would spend a few days shooting and making videos. Unexpectedly, we only used class time to complete all the video footage. I admire her execution and courage. I work hard to learn more confidently and have the courage to complete the task.

This is like our presentation. As an international student, speaking in a second language is always challenging. But the day before the presentation, I read our PowerPoint over and over again, and I hoped that I can speak the content fluently to every listener. It turned out that people will succeed if they work hard. I finally finished my part.


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