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Jab, jab, jab find the target

I have learned a lot from this week’s reading. I think the most important thing is that no matter what social media to use to promote the product, we have to establish our target customers. List a few customer segments that meet the product’s criteria, which will save our promotion costs and improve our efficiency. At the same time, it’s helpful to choose the right social media when we sell our products.

Every social media has a unique and attractive place. YouTube is a place for people who like visual enjoyment. Tumblr is suitable for younger and more non-mainstream people. Facebook pays more attention to the communication between familiar people. As a person who has just touched Facebook. This is a simple matter to find relatives and friends.

Facebook has the largest number of users in social media. According to Thrive Hive | Comparing Social Media, keep in mind that 45% of its users are over the age of 35 and users in the 55+ range are on the rise. Facebook is a good choice when we want more people to know about the product.

As Gary Vaynerchuk mentioned in the video, different social media publish different content. Tumblr needs GIF, in Pinterest need a little prettier. Social media is not only a platform for everyone to express themselves and communicate with friends but also an important recommendation engine for consumers. For brands, how to establish information about different products is spread on different social media. The characteristics of the audience on different social media are very important.

When the degree of openness of social media is large enough, the structure of users will be closer to the social demographic structure, and the content presented will be more objective and real. At the same time, as an information promotion platform, because of the openness of the platform and the rapid flow of information, paid commercial marketing can also become a good model for developers to make profits. At the same time, as long as the user base is large enough, social media can also keep users in touch like the message.

It is necessary to insert different content on different social media. It’s like an internship company assumed in my journalism 450 class.

Our products are for more students to join our program. This will attract more and more senior students to enter our program, and more junior students will be able to learn from senior students and get help. Senior students can learn from the mentor or professor and get help. I think our ads tend to be more posters. But on YouTube, we need a fun video to attract more customers to join our program. On Instagram, some beautiful designs and exquisite typography can attract more customers.

If I am a product promoter, I will start with Facebook. The user’s advantage in the real world will help us attract most customers. When the promotion was in the middle, I decided to use Instagram, Instagram users are more loyal.

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