Bridget Bartos

Media is reinventing itself

Media is known to be a quick-moving entity. When I was younger, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube were barely in existence. Now, they are taking over the world generation by generation. This, however, doesn’t mean that more traditional ways of media consumption are dying off. According to a recent report by the Pew Research Center, daytime… Continue reading Media is reinventing itself

SF Mcglone

Journalists don’t make enough — it’s time to get mad

What brings a median salary up or down? I know the literal answer is outliers, but when I was taking a look at the State of the Media 2018 from the Pew Research Center, I wanted to look a bit deeper. Near the end of each section, from cable news to podcasting, was the heading… Continue reading Journalists don’t make enough — it’s time to get mad

Allia Mcdowell

Media: A demand for on-demand

When I tell people I am studying journalism, I am often met with surprise and sarcasm. In their eyes, the importance of journalism and media is fleeting – because, in their eyes, journalism is synonymous with “fake news” and social media. This only feeds my passion more, however, because I know that strong journalism is… Continue reading Media: A demand for on-demand

Katie Kalass

The State of Our News: Where Are We Headed?

The Pew Research Center’s annual report on data and trends about key sectors in the U.S. news media industry through the State of the News Media, and after diving into loads of data, I can confidently say I look forward to the future of the news industry. I was very surprised by the shifts in modern… Continue reading The State of Our News: Where Are We Headed?

Mckenna Ross

Is the future of journalism dim?

At first, Pew Research Center’s 2018 “State of the News Media” made me concerned for my intended career path and made me feel guilty for my consumption habits. Nearly every category of traditional news media, from cable and local TV news to newspapers, is experiencing some decline in audience. Meanwhile, digital news sites and audio… Continue reading Is the future of journalism dim?

David Greenberg

The ever-evolving world of media: adapt or DIE

It’s pretty simple, and it might make me sound like an old fart to some of you, but … when I was born in 1997 there were no — what do the kids call ’em nowadays? — iPhones? the Google machine? I’m just kidding, of course I know what those things are. I was born… Continue reading The ever-evolving world of media: adapt or DIE