Geneva Swanson

Anyone Can Have a Social Media Following

You would like to think that people who advocate for bad and evil things wouldn’t be able to have a successful following or a large audience, but that’s simply not true. Anyone can have a following if they target the right group of people. Even ISIS has a following on social media, which the Wired article, “Why ISIS is Winning the Social Media War,” talks about.

anyone meme

While we have been on the topic of start-ups, social media is a big part of that conversation especially in today’s age. You have to have an online presence so people know about you and can look you up. Let’s be real, if you aren’t on social media you don’t exist to a large group of the population especially generations like millennials.

As long as a have a solid and strong message and brand you will have an audience no matter our odd or unique that brand or message is. ISIS is known for being a terrorist group so who would want to follow them on social media right? Well even they can find a solid specific audience on social media.

To sum up this article, which I highly recommend taking a look at, just to understand the power of social media and targeting your audience, it is all about how to appeal to YOUR audience. Not a general audience, but a specific one.

On the topic of startups, the article The Lean Startup “Methodology” points out different things you must consider and do while working on a startup.

Those points are:

  1. Eliminate Uncertainty: This point is exactly what is sounds like. Eliminate uncertainty in your startup, so have a solid process and methodology that leaves little to be uncertain about or question.
  2. Work Smarter Not Harder: An example question the article mentions is don’t ask “can this product be made?” but “should it?” You don’t want to work super hard on something you don’t know you should develop. Make sure this is a product that should be made and already has a demand for it. Be smart people.
  3. Develop an MVP: MVP stands for minimal viable product. So the first step is figuring out the problem then developing the MVP, after that your startup can work on turning the figurative “engine”.
  4. Validated Learning: “Progress in manufacturing is measured by the production of high quality goods. The unit of progress for Lean Startups is validated learning-a rigorous method for demonstrating progress when one is embedded in the soil of extreme uncertainty.”

To summarize, both of these articles talk about the necessities when it comes to startups. How to be successful on social media, even with the most bold and unique message or organization. Then how to be successful within your startup when it comes to building the startup and developing the product.

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