Jamal Tyler

There Are Many Ways to Enter the Journalism World

newspapersFor some odd reason since starting college I have become a frequent reader of Bleacher Report, which many say was a news disruptor. However they have become a viable source for sports news.

To begin many critiqued the website because it allowed registered users to publish articles on the site, which caused content to suffer, which caused their credibility to be challenged.

Fast forward a few years today Bleacher Report is a respected sports media resource. This was no walk in the park as they had to make substantial changes, which led to them being brought Turner.

In the media industry you need not to just market to a certain demographic, but you have to make getting news as convenient as possible. Bleacher Report shows this in there ways they have distributed their news. Bleacher Report owns House of Highlights which is social media’s Sportscenter.

In Nieman Reports: Breaking News article, several steps were listed that are vital in today’s digital age. According to part one of this article you have to consider your audience first. For instance if I start blog or a news outlet I work for is looking for ways to attract a bigger audience, what insight could I possibly give?

The Nieman article suggests the “jobs to be done” theory as a way of finding the right audience. For example, when you are sitting down relaxing or waiting for a coffee or food, to kill time what do you do? A high majority of us all scroll through our phones checking emails, social media and messages.  We are “hiring” them to fill our time. So a news outlet needs to have a strong social media presence if they want us to “hire” them to fill our time.

Smartphones continue to gain better features and are becoming a driving force in the news industry because they make things so convenient. Being able to email and take photos on the go is a major facet in todays news industry.

Many news organizations today struggle with the task of changing to adapt to the digital world. This something to consider because digital content never disappears, which is good because it can lead to revenue. To think this would not be purposeful in the digital age would be silly, it allows you to sell content and even resell content that had great reviews.

Today news is more readily available than ever before with blogs and social media and the digital age. Over the last decade social media has become a bit of a thorn in the side for news organizations. News gathering processes have changed, organizations once were on a deadline now they are tasked with interacting with social media rather it’s Instagram with live videos, Facebook with post, or Twitter within 140 characters.

Many news organizations have had to adapt and realize that social media is the primary. Social media dominates the amount of time spent on news sites and news apps. While I have the ESPN app, Instagram accounts tend to deliver sports news a tad bit quicker. The underlying issue is that this has intensified the pressures of newsrooms to deliver news before it has been fully verified.


2 thoughts on “There Are Many Ways to Enter the Journalism World

  1. I agree that Bleacher Report knows its audience and how to connect with them very well. I also agree that newsrooms are pressured by apps such as Instagram and the ESPN app to deliver news quicker before the facts might be right. I love the fact that news is available right away through social media apps.


  2. Jamal, I like your approach/analogy about us hiring media outlets to fill our time. It is comical yet, very true all at the same time. Social media is the biggest outlet there is now, and if you want to be a main contender . . . you have to be on social media. It’s a way to consistently update your audience and reach even further into your audience (the people who only use their phone/apps). I enjoyed reading your post.


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