Which Social is the Best Social?

In class right now, we are working on discovering which social media is most suitable for our new companies needs.

Each team has been tasked with creating a new way for Journalism students or students in general to find jobs and get connected with future employers.

There is clearly an issue with professionals in the JRN/ other communications-based fields and making connections with professionals to then get a job. Some people are amazing and have a world full of connections, while others aren’t as lucky.

So, our team is trying to create a way to help fellow JRN kids find new connections. We are going to be website based, but want to promote on social media- as any current day company should and needs to be doing.

This weeks articles were all based on social media, some more relevant to us than others.

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

The ThriveHive article gave a rundown of all the social platforms and what they are used for.

Facebook is the most versatile, and has an ability to target users individually like no other. It has a multitude of tools to get attentions from viewers.

For our company I think Facebook would be pretty useful, except for the age range of users, which is usually 35 and over, which is way over the age range that we serve. I find this hard to believe though, I use Facebook all the time and so do most of my colleagues.

I don’t think Twitter is for us. I personally use twitter for memes and all things NOT that serious. I would rather have us go toward something more influencer based, like Instagram.

Instagram has 600 million months viewers, which is a great start for building a company. With a connection to facebook with anayltics, it could be a gold mine for growing a business. It allows for our brand to grow and become it’s own place.

We could use features like instagram live and IGTV to create videos and content. We also would have posts and stories. There is such a vast way to post our content and promote our website, it’s perfect.

The article also mentioned LinkedIn, which is something we are competign with so we don’t want to be involved in it.

The article brought up Pinterest. I didn’t even consider this an option at first, and then I read the stats on it.

It is a purely image-based platform, and I think it would be really cool if we used Pinterest for our advantage to post cool graphics or job interview outfits.

The next article focused on Instagram and Pinterest, which is something I am obviosuly interested in. Being on VIM social team makes me even more interesting.

Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

According to FastCompany, the future of marketing is visual. Social media is becoming a crucial, and pinterest and instagram are a perfect match.

We also have to consider B2B, or B2C. I think that Business 2 consumer would be moe useful for us to make money, but we need Business to Business to get our connections to be able to make money.

Overall, I really never thought about how much work goes into social media and figuring out what platforms to use. I think it’s interesting figuring out which ones are the most useful.

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