Ruta Ulcinaite

The power of learning about entreprenuership


Before this course that word scared me. How was I supposed to think of the next best thing and idea right on the spot? I thought it was impossible. But I’ve learned entrepreneurship is a journey, not a race. No matter your background or education, everyone has the opportunity to create something amazing whether it’s a product, company or a simple idea.

I think entrepreneurship is all about drive and creativity. You could have an entrepreneurship degree from the best school in the country, but if you aren’t curious and excited about the world around you it doesn’t make for anything. Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, was just a woman who wanted a product to help hide panty lines. Now she’s a successful entrepreneur worth over a billion dollars.

All it takes is a good idea.

I never thought I had what it takes to start something of my own, but after learning tools and tricks from professor Amy Haimerl, I would consider possibly starting my own media company one day. I’ve always had a passion for storytelling and media, so why couldn’t I turn that passion into a company of my own? I would feature content that I thought was newsworthy and be my own boss.

In the class we had the chance to work on a startup, and that process showed me I also have the tools to work on a startup team. It’s fun creating something new and exciting. It’s fun to be your own boss and watch your idea come to life. In a startup team, teamwork truly makes the dream work and I think I’m a good team player who works hard to create a final project. Being a part of a team is exciting when you can bounce ideas off one another and work together.

Even if I never have my own media company, everything I’ve learned in this class can be applied to other endeavors as a journalist: how to use different social media platforms to benefit your brand, how to create and promote meaningful content and how to work in a team to accomplish a goal.

This class initially scared me learning just how tough the journalism industry is and how it’s changing every day. Newspapers are dying, salaries are low for journalists, etc. But there’s hope. I think it’s exciting to know that we can be the creators of the new media.

This generation has the power to change the journalism industry and I get to be a part of that. Because journalism is in a state of change and adaptation I think it would be really cool to be a part of something new and revolutionary within media. I am approaching my career as a reporter excited and ready to continue to learn everyday, grow and be a part of the media that stands up for everyone.

 My favorite experience in this class was working on my own startup start to finish. From brainstorming ideas to figuring out budget and design it was really exciting to know that with the right tools and preparation even I could create something that would be beneficial to a lot of people. I’ve never had an experience like that before but it built my confidence up knowing that was something I could accomplish.

Initially I didn’t think I wanted anything to do with entrepreneurship. Now, I know that’s a possibility for me because I know the hard work that it takes to do something like that. We’ve had alumni come to our class and explain the dedication you need to become your own boss. It may be hard work, but it’s possible. Even for someone like me.

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