David Greenberg

It’s Time to Up Start your Startup

After taking a trip to Detroit with the class, I am more motivated and more focused than ever to do my startup. After visiting all the different startup companies that Detroit had to offer, it showed us all the possibilities media has to offer.

There were a few that I liked the most out of our time there. The first one that I liked was visiting Lafayette American. I really liked their strategy when it comes to marketing and how they try and be different when so many agencies have the same strategy.

One thing I learned from them was that even though they are a smaller agency, they can offer better customer service because they are a smaller team and they will collaborate better from the top of the pecking order. I think that is one thing I really like about start ups is the teamwork and collaboration that comes with working there.

I think the way that workplaces are trying to trend towards are more idea driven and community focused. They are not as dictator where the person in charge comes up with the ideas and then pawns off the work on his or her inferiors.

The second place I really enjoyed was working with the social media team for the Detroit Red Wings. That is something that I am extremely interested in and getting the chance to get a behind the scenes look at how they do their job and hear about what they do on a daily basis.

Everything that I took away from them was that I am doing all the right things to potentially end up where I want to be. If I stay on this and keep doing what I need to do, there is a chance that I can be living out my dream just like these people.

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