Keep Calm and Idea On

By Hakeem Weatherspoon

Growing up in a city that was built upon millions and now there are thousands to maintain a vast landscape, you grow to learn how to become an urban innovator. Coming up with new ideas was never a challenge for me growing up in Detroit. Most people don’t see life there, but I see a blank canvas to paint a new picture. I am an artist! If you don’t think it’s nothing there why not create something?

Few ideas sparked from the Nieman reports article, “Mastering the art of disruptive innovation in journalism.” Successful companies understand the jobs that arise in people’s lives and develop products that do the job perfectly. First thing first: is how do you come up with a good product?

Live in the future then build what’s missing.”

When I think of that quote, it really gets me questioning myself. The first question comes to mind is: How have I been coming up with ideas this far? What really gets me going? How do I know my ideas are really good ideas? When I start to brain-blast my creative ideas I usually sit down, buy a slush with multiple flavors and sit in a silent room. After a while has gone by no matter what the topic, I usually tend to come up with some great ideas.


How to get start up ideas” by Paul Graham opened a new insight for my brainstorming. I never really put into account that true great ideas comes from a problem. When I generally think of bringing ideas to the table, I think of “what’s hot” and how can I make it better.

Reading this article took me out of my fantasy world and brought me to reality. Especially, when Graham defines entrepreneurship he says, in other words, that driving a car is better than actually watching someone drive. Being in the action you see the ins you see the outs of a product. The aftermath is finding yourself and how can you make the product better.

Most great startups come from a lot of research just as well as being in the action. After these steps have been completed it brings me to think about competition. I believe just as long as you doing you and putting your all into your work, competitors tend to become irrelevant. When it comes to making a product most people think about their competitors; note to self don’t! When your ideas flowing and you get going on your startup most won’t see you as a threat. In the business world I believe that when people underestimate you that’s your chance to thrive.

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