Derrick Niu

Step by Step Success

As a senior, the future plans and uncertainties after graduation have been bothering me all the time. I have no plans for the future, and entrepreneurship is a distant goal for me. I hope to learn more skills and experience. When I have enough skills and experience, it is the time to start a new chapter.

Last week, I visited the hatch with JRN 450. Studio leaders tell us the story of entrepreneurship and other things. He also introduced a lot of public resources to us, which he said were free to use. This is excellent. A really good studio is made up of different energetic people. Every fantastic imagination can be a great story in the future. In the Hatch, I learned to try to do something and express myself more. In future work, only we try hard to practice our ideas and express our unique ideas, we succeed step by step.

In today’s society, we all have to maintain our imagination. But my creativity is weak. I am not an imaginative person. I admire those geniuses who have fantastic ideas.

For a senior, I have some doubts about starting a business just after graduation. I am more in favor of internship. I want to find an internship that good for me first. At the same time, I can learn new skills or gain experience from the internship. Last year, as an audience, I watched Justin Rose’s Show. This is a special experience. I experienced how to shoot a show. More and more news media are transforming into live broadcasting and network broadcasting.

Before class, each of us was asked to conceive a new fantastic product. I’m very upset about it. I can’t come up with an idea that makes me feel good. I want to create an all-around robot. It’s super intelligent. It can do anything. But at this time, my heart denies itself, this just is a simple robot, which is not a new idea. I hate my ordinary creativity.

I felt inspired when every classmate put forward their own novel ideas. Everyone is bold to say their own ideas when they say their own ideas, everyone’s face is satisfied with the expression. This is the sense of achievement. A little sense of accomplishment is enough to encourage everyone to move on. Everyone was focusing on a very small thing, these small things are enough to produce a variety of ideas. A simple and perfect newspaper is also a creative idea. A network that can achieve equal exchange is also a simple and useful idea. These ideas are all from life, they really help people’s lives. I always wanted to create a product that was great enough to change people, but it was difficult. Success starts with small things, and I remember the story of Airbnb that it was incredible that cereal and mattresses could be transformed into a social product. Because they focus on small things, start with small things, step by step, and eventually create a great product.

2 thoughts on “Step by Step Success

  1. I loved this post! I felt very inspired by the ideas of our classmates as well, and it gave me a lot of hope for the future. I liked your point on how it goes in a step by step way, and I think an idea is a great start but there is a lot of work that comes along with it. I hope to expand on my ideas in the near future!

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  2. I agree with you—everyone in the class was very bold in presenting their startup ideas to the class. Although it was obviously required, it takes a lot of guts to stand in front of an audience and pitch an idea of your own. It was scary, but I think everyone did a great job.

    I also don’t know what I’m going to do after graduation, but so far this class has taught me that there are so many opportunities out there and there are so many different routes your career can take! Nice job.

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