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The End is Finally Here!

As I approach graduation and look back at all the classes, I realize my media entrepreneurship course one of the most interesting and exciting courses I took.

Not having a test every two weeks, only having to post a blog post every week and a group project this class seemed like a breeze.

Learning how to become an entrepreneur and what it takes to become successful but also how quick things can go south for you and your business. Or how the future of media is now and realizing that social media is everything, wasn’t that hard for me to open my mind around for my last semester of college.

I would have never imagined me thinking about of how to create a business, that timing is really everything and getting told no is something that happens more than you think. This class allowed me to explore my creative side and truly think outside the box. I thought being an entrepreneur was way easier before I entered this class; I thought that people created an idea that they felt like people wanted, had money and then there was their business or product.

But I got a wake-up call when we went to the Hatch and talked about what it was like for someone to start with an idea but then have to many people behind them to create a team and receive money to then create it. As the semester progressed I learned more that becoming an entrepreneur would be difficult, but if you love what you are doing and people need what your offering then you will be successful and happy.

That’s the biggest thing and I think that that’s what helps people who are doing startups now and are big get there.

I would definitely never start my own business because I hate being told no and the long process of waiting for my start-up to launch. And I would probably have anxiety if things didn’t go my way. But I would definitely team up with someone who had an idea and wanted someone to work with them. After doing our group projects this semester it opened my eyes and showed me that I have an interest in helping people and giving them other views outside of their comfort zone or vision.

Everything we learned we honestly read and talked about this semester will help me in the future. The TED talks, the podcast, the Skype calls with successful start-up owners, trips to see the Hatch center and class talks about any and everything helped me understand start-ups and becoming an entrepreneur. But they also helped me understand myself as a person. It showed me that I might have sleepless nights, long meetings, a lot of interviewing for staff, countless hours of thinking about something new and for me that isn’t something I want to do but if someone has a dream and I can contribute I definitely will.

I think this class has changed my first impression of a career in startups. I knew that creating a startup was hard but I didn’t know how more time and effort you have to put in to launch a business or receive money from investors. Also it opened my eyes to see that timing is really everything, someone could create an app or business that is really great but if its in a time where the market crashes then there is no use for the item at that time and it fails. I don’t think my perception of the future of media changed because I have always felt like technology would one day take over the world and its doing that right now. There are so many new apps, software, games and media technology idea’s forming right now that we don’t have any idea about.

I wish I were able to go to Detroit to the see the city but also the people who created their successful businesses. I would have loved to hear why they did certain things that way and what they would have thought to do different. But I loved hearing about the Shady Ladies and Professor Haimerl’s ideas on how to expand her business. I thought the whole class was an experience in itself and I’m glad I decided to take the class because I learned so much about myself as a young woman.


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