Xinyi Xie

Why They Success and How It Feel When You Have An Entrepreneur in Home.

After listen to this week’s material I found out that most of the good entrepreneurship has one common theme, which is to be brave to break the comfort zone.

Before building Southwest Airlines, Herb Kelleher did not know anything about airlines. Actually he was a lawyer at that time. During the first several years he builds Southwest Airlines, he still practicing law and doing many other things. And Tony Hsieh, who built Zappos, a large online shoes company, only has about five pairs of shoes and obviously not a lover of shoes.

“I force myself to do something uncomfortable everyday,” he said. Maybe it is because of such feature, a normal Asian boy who was grown in a traditional Asian family could create such a world of shoes.

And the second common point these entrepreneurships share is that they all find their sales point for their customers. As we learned in class, it is so important to market your company on something special, make your brand unique to others and meet your customers’ needs. Tony Hsieh said one of the biggest reason for Zappos’ success is that they provide free shipping two ways.  “The most important part became to build best customer service and customer experiences, “he said “do something your competitors will never do.” Overall, although they might less profitable in short term, they build their brand reputation.

At the same time, Southwest Airlines also has their target audiences. “I found most American adults have never fly before because it was too expensive for them.” Thus, Southwest Airline is mainly focused on provide cheap flights, they use their price as a strong sells point.

The article from Inc. talked about the mental stress, anxiety and melancholia entrepreneurs might be facing. And this article reminds me about my father because when he builds his career he also suffered from all of these stresses, and as his family, it is also very hard for us.

My father has great ambitious on his career and last few years, he also did some success on that. However, he suffered from lots of pressures which no one could understand. As a leader, he cannot and should not share his stresses to his staff or client. So after a long day work, when he finally back to home, he might reveal all his negative felling to my mother or family member. He became to really irritable and impatient; you might never know when he might yell at you next time. Sometimes, my brother and I even dare not to speak loud in our living room. I felt we all had a really hard time, especially my mother.

I finally understand my father after I read “Entrepreneurs have struggled silently. There’s a sense that they can’t talk about it, that it’s a weakness.” Maybe this is why my father always bring his bad mood back to home.

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