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Don’t Go It Alone

Don’t Go It Alone is basically my new slogan and also a tip in the article “How to Turn Your Idea Into A Product (and Launch It!)” from Business News Daily.

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The article starts out with “What you need to do” then follows through with “The challenges with inventing” and ending with “Tips for success,” in relation to startup companies and coming up with ideas for a product.

The reason why I highly recommend this article is because it puts so much focus on research. Research is paramount when you are coming up with a product. How else will you know whether the idea you have already exists or won’t even work? Research is the foundation of any successful product or startup company. Since the focus of this blog is startups and thinking up new ideas, this article would be a great piece of literature to dive into.

“In hindsight, we were too focused on our product, and thought it would sell itself,” Helgeson said. “You need a plan to [market it].”

The quote above is the another great piece of advice because I feel as though so many people start with a product they think will just “sell itself.” When in reality you HAVE to market your product, create ads and be present on social media. It takes so much hard work in reference to the marketing side of things than you and I (everyone) realize.

Another point the article from Business News Daily makes is to continually test your product. You might have to make some changes along the way. Your product will not be perfect out the get go. Be patient and make sure you are making note of the aspects of your product that do not work or are not appealing.

If you are not social media savvy this article “Social Media for Business: A Marketers Guide” is the article made for you. It gives a breakdown of the social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. The article gives an explanation and brief summary of each social media platform. It is important to understand each of these social media platforms, but not necessary to be present on every single one.

Make sure you read through the summaries of each of the platforms then decide which ones (may be a few of them) are the right fit for you and your product.

On another note, back to the first article I shared with you, being alone and doing this alone is not the answer. Make sure you surround yourself with people who support you but also people who can work on your start up and product with you. I always like to think: Many minds are better than one. If you have people around you that can better your product, why not include them? If that means hiring people or even including friends and family, make that next step.

The main focus is research, development, practice, and surrounding yourself with people who can better yourself and your product. Find what works for you but too much work is better than too little. For example you can never have too much research or too much practice. If it’s something you are passionate about keep going!

Good luck my friends.




One thought on “Don’t Go It Alone

  1. Hi Geneva,
    Great article! I really enjoyed when you wrote about how you should work in a team. My natural response is to always try to do everything myself, but you’re so right, “Make sure you surround yourself with people who support you but also people who can work on your startup and product with you. I always like to think: Many minds are better than one.” So thank you for changing my mind about that, although I am very cautious/apprehensive to work with friends and family because what if the business fails? Will that get in the way of our personal relationship? I’m not too sure it just got me thinking a lot, so thank you for that!


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