Casey Harrison

The lightbulb that went off at The Hatch

When listening to Paul Jaques discuss the continuing entrepreneurial success of Michigan State students who come to The Hatch, there was one phrase in particular that stuck with me.

Jaques, the Director of Student and Community Engagement for The Hatch — a coworking space owned by MSU for students to share, collaborate and develop business ideas — had a simple message: “When you get bit by the entrepreneurial bug, it’s hard to stop.”

Hard to stop coming up with ideas, hard to not want to learn from The Hatch’s plethora of guest speakers and current success stories who are punching their ticket to commercial success, or even hard to stop coming back. I’ve thought about The Hatch almost every day since going last Thursday.

My idea wasn’t the best by any stretch of the imagination, and though I felt it could be useful, there were other pitches I heard from classmates that were more easily attainable within the confines and limitations of our class. I pitched an all-in-one podcasting application in which users could record, edit and distribute to popular mediums without needing the know-how of Adobe Audition or other top of the line audio engineering software.

The idea, I think has promise, but for it to gain mainstream popularity it would have to be better than most podcasting software and competitive functionality. My knowledge of the podcasting is slim, but my expertise on audio and software engineering to make my invention the best it could possibly be is even dimmer.

But among the other ideas I heard — from chrome extensions that detect fake news, to shared music queues, media startups and everything in between —  there were solid ideas I could get behind.

I’ve been bit by the bug and I don’t want to stop while we, as a class, still have momentum. I’m very excited to see where our classes take us in the future.

One thought on “The lightbulb that went off at The Hatch

  1. Casey, I really liked your idea for an all-in-one podcasting software. While at this moment it might be hard to accomplish something like that, as podcasts become increasingly more popular, a sotware like this has potential to completely change that industry.
    I also really like his comment about being bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, and I’m in the same boat as you in terms of constantly thinking about The Hatch. I think it is time we start to actually make use of these amazing resources available to us and try to bring some of our ideas to life.

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