Derrick Niu

Interpersonal relationships are important

Last week, John Hill came to our class to talk about his college career. He also talked a lot about how LinkedIn works and how interpersonal relationships are important. People that we know might be very helpful to our career success sometime in the future.

I admire John Hill. He mentioned that when he was a student at Michigan State University and, he used to run a social network at school. For me, homework and school tasks are taking me a lot of time. Thus, I don’t have enough time to run a company like him. For a student, running a company is difficult, but he was able to manage it.

He mentioned LinkedIn. Through LinkedIn, he made connections with a lot of Michigan State University graduates. Interpersonal relationships are important. When people engage in business negotiations, even if you have solid expertise and first-class eloquence, you still may not be able to successfully facilitate a negotiation. However, if you have a key person to help you and speak for you, business negotiations will be much easier. Interpersonal relationships that you built at a company are useful not only when we are working there, but also after we leave them there., they will also play an import role, which will become a major asset for entrepreneurship. When we have difficulties, some friends can help us overcome difficulties. Become a useful person to help others. When we are in trouble, those who have been helped by us will lend a helping hand.

John Hill’s story reminds me of Alex Blumberg’s entrepreneurial story. Although he was rejected by Chris Sacca, he met his entrepreneur partner Matt Lieber.

This week we had the opportunity to talk to Julianne Pepitone, a freelance writer. When we asked about ways to keep being successful, she told us to be a kind person. Being kind to every colleague and or stranger is the best way to keep being successful. We should treat each other’s sincerely, see the merits of others, and praise others genuinely. We should always have a mentality of appreciating others and accepting every change and progress of others.

She is a brave lady. She resigned from the company and took the risk alone to become a freelance writer. She had to face the pressure from her family, the society, and her economic situation. She bravely chose to take these challenges.

I think the other reason why she was willing to take the risks to become a freelancer is that she has abundant interpersonal relationships. She mentioned that she has been given many opportunities. She is also very grateful to those who gave her the opportunity. This is the positive role of interpersonal relationships. Her perception of herself is also very clear. She knows her goals and needs. Her goals and needs helped her to grasp the best opportunities for her from numerous opportunities. She has enough ability and knowledge to help her to be an accomplished freelancer.

Always be friendly, optimistic, and try to become good friends with every classmate around you. Maybe after a few years, everyone can work as a team to seek a better life together.

2 thoughts on “Interpersonal relationships are important

  1. I like your point of view of “I think the other reason why she was willing to take the risks to become a freelancer is that she has abundant interpersonal relationships.” We can’t start up a business just with passionate, we can’t just boldly quit a job and became a freelancer because we want to. Besides a emotional trigger, we always have to consider rational factor and networking is one of them. And interpersonal relationship does not happen over night, you have to accumulate that day and night. Being a nice person will only be helpful to achieve this goal.


  2. Relationships. Are. Everything. I think you bring up a great point about interpersonal relationships because I know for me, personally, making face-to-face connections with strangers who have something or work somewhere I want. Even though knowing somebody might not get you the job, it’ll make you known to your potential employer — and that’s doing everything you can control.


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