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Your crazy ideas may actually be a solution

I knew what entrepreneurship was prior to taking this class, but I didn’t really know what it would entail to get started. After this class, I realize that I hadn’t the first clue what all went into creating and marketing a product or a service. I had heard the start-up stories of Facebook and other successful… Continue reading Your crazy ideas may actually be a solution

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Never stop asking “Why?”

If you asked me whether or not I have the skills to become a successful entrepreneur, my answer at the beginning of the semester would have been simple: “Absolutely not!” If you asked me that same question now after spending 16 weeks in JRN 450, my answer would be…. “Maybe.” My answer didn’t miraculously change… Continue reading Never stop asking “Why?”

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Behind-the-scenes of an entrepreneur’s hustle

When we see a successful company in the market or interact with a particular brand as a consumer, we rarely think about all of the failures, sacrifices and persistence that it took to get there. After exploring a few of NPR’s “How I Built This” episodes, I not only have deeper admiration for startups and… Continue reading Behind-the-scenes of an entrepreneur’s hustle