Sophie Charboneau

Be a MVP by Creating a MVP

When I was younger, I was convinced my world calling was to be an author. I would spend all my summer days thinking of different stories I could write about. I will never forget the day I “published” my first book. I went and grabbed a couple sheets of blank computer paper, folded the pieces and then stapled them down the side.

I remember working so hard on it. (Realistically, it was probably 30 minutes tops.) But after I was done, I raced around my house trying to locate my mother to show her my book. Of course, being a mom, she swarmed me with praises and I felt as if I was on cloud nine.

But in the world, there are these things called little brothers. My brother, had heard all of the commotion and decided to come into the room. He had the nerve to tell me that the drawings in my book were sloppy and that the book didn’t make sense.

I am positive that he said the words he did out of jealousy, but, I ran back to my table and recreated my book, with different drawings and a different ending.

Though younger me had no idea she was doing this, older me realized that her first edition of her book was actually a MVP, a minimum viable product.

Creating a MVP is one of the first steps that an entrepreneur takes. Just like me racing to finish my book to show to my mom, the goal is to get your product out in the market as soon as possible to see how people react to it. And in my case, my brother definitely gave me his feedback. And me recreating my book, continued the process of my MVP.

In the article “A Minimum Viable Product Is Not a Product, It’s a Process”, it talks about how creating a MVP isn’t just a one-time deal. An entrepreneur has to keep recreating their product to get the best result. Think about when Mark Zuckerberg first created, Facebook. It wasn’t even Facebook, it was actually just a way to compare the hotness of students. But the Facebook that we know today was an unintended consequence of that.

Through social media platforms like Facebook, the world is constantly connected. It can sometimes be disheartening knowing that the way we grew up won’t exist anymore thanks to cellphones and social media apps, but it’s also an amazing thought knowing that we can connect with just about anyone in the world.

In the article“Why ISIS is Winning The Social Media War,” the author mentions how ISIS is using social media to their advantage. Though it is clear as crystal that their motives are absolutely horrendous, they know how to get into the minds of people and get the feedback that they are looking for.

As an entrepreneur in this day and age, it’s important to know how to use social media to you benefit to help better your product. That feedback is imperative both your success and your product.

From your initial MVP to your last one, it’s important to listen to the feedback that you receive from social media and your test market. You might experience unintended consequences like Zuckerberg did. Who knows, you might create the next big thing!

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