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16 Weeks With Entrepreneurship

As the 16-week JRN450 class on entrepreneurship comes to a close, there is a lot to be reflected on. When I first started, I had a very vague idea on what “entrepreneurship” meant, what it entailed, and how someone could be one. I now realize a lot of my perceptions of these at the beginning of the semester has changed significantly.

First, entrepreneurship means different things to different people. To me, it means ambition, risk, and hard work combined to create something new. To others it could mean a multitude of crippling failures leading to one success, a way to take advantage of undug opportunities, or even just getting lucky.

One things is for certain with entrepreneurs though. They all don’t stop. From the people I’ve met and talked to throughout JRN450, all of them have a fire burning to innovate. They all have goals larger than themselves they wish to fulfill. It was one of the most inspiring parts of the semester.

Second, we learned what being an entrepreneur entailed. I will be the first to say that I genuinely don’t know what being an entrepreneur entails. In a general sense, I have never been one. What I learned from the ones that spoke to me about it were a combination of many things.

Entrepreneurship takes guts. It takes grit. It takes failing. A lot. A majority of the articles, podcasts, and people we talked to spoke about how they succeeded. None of their successes were without failure. Failure always seems to be the greatest opportunity to learn the most.

Entrepreneurship takes struggling and believing in what you have and will create. It’s heartbreaking and satisfying. It is never done the same twice, and there are always different facets to grow.

One of my favorite parts of the semester was listening to how people failed and rebounded. As morbid as that sounds, it’s the truth. Learning from other people’s mistakes makes me more cognizant to not make them myself.

Third, we learned what an entrepreneur could be. My preconceived notions on entrepreneurs were incredibly successful individuals who made a brilliant idea/invention. Sort of like the people that go on Shark Tank.

What I learned is that an entrepreneur can take many forms. It can be a self-made entrepreneur running their own coffee shop, a social media manager utilizing different platforms for other companies, or even a self-made blogger/podcaster.

In a nostalgic and optimistic sense, this class has really opened my eyes to a lot of things in the entrepreneurship world. A dream of mine has always been to open a small coffee shop. Moving forward, I know this dream could possibly become a reality in my future.

This class has prepared me for the steps I might need to take moving into this sort of world. I know when I am financially able to take on the daunting entrepreneurship task I will be able to manage the roadblocks and challenges that come my way.

My approach to my career in media has changed significantly since the beginning of the semester and taking this class. I am doing a sales internship this summer and it is drastically different from anything I have ever done prior. I am hoping this sales internship will continue to diversify and hopefully better equip me once I take the first few steps into entrepreneurship.

I am also hoping to take what I have learned in this class and apply it to what I want to do in media. I look forward to applying what I have learned into the entertainment industry or how else I can innovate different forms of media.

My favorite thing in this class, by far, was going down to Detroit for the entrepreneurship field trip. It was so incredible seeing all of the different perspectives and meeting all of the unique and interesting people. I hope you continue to do the field trip because it truly is awesome.

I am still unsure exactly what I want to do. But I feel prepared and I am excited for what the future. I appreciate all of your guidance and help throughout the semester, Amy. I feel very fortunate to have taken this class these past 16 weeks.


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