Zimo Wang

Inspiration at MSU Hatch

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I always have ideas, but then it would be soon denied by myself. “It’s not going to work,”, “no one would think the same way as me,” something like that would jump into my brain. I didn’t realize this process until I shared my starting up idea in class.

MSU Hatch is a place where can help students to turn their ideas into a business by offering free consultant, networking… Last Thursday, our assignment was to create our starting up ideas. As long as it’s not illegal, we are encouraged. I got a lot of ideas in my brain but wasn’t sure which one should I go. Here are three of them:

1. I always read book, or on my phone when I am on the bed before sleep. So, I need the lights on. But when I am sleepy, I do NOT want to get off my bed and turn the lights off. Sometimes I won’t realize I left the lights on in the living room until I am ready to sleep. Then, I wish I have an app or a remote in my phone that can control all the lights in my house. I can simply promote them without leaving my bed. Especially it’s winter now. It’s cold outside of my blanket.

A example of Hanfu on me.

2. HanFu is traditional Chinese clothes, it’s popular among Chinese students and especially if they are oversea, the clothes represent their feeling of missing home. But it’s hard to buy Hanfu here and expensive to ship it from China. Also, the clothes could be expensive, and the hair style are just complicated. It will take a student long time for the fashion design. So, if we can do a photography business by offering customers traditional clothes, accessories, photographer. We can make money from it and customers can save time. It’s also helpful to spread Chinese culture.

3. The app to exchange talents for financial benefits. This is the idea I shared in class due to its creativity. Financial could be a problem for students to learn or expand their interests. Maybe you have enough money to support, but do you want to save some money? If so, you also need this. For example, if I know Chinese and want to learn Spanish, I can find someone who knows it and teach him/her Chinese. The talents could be anything. Just post it and put your information and request. One student in class suggested me that I could have a rating system like Uber does. I think it’s a very helpful advice and I didn’t expect that. I didn’t know they would like this idea, and no one think I am crazy.

I was really inspired in the class. A student wish we could have an AI in the future to read our mind and write things down for us with no barrier of language. AI are smart, and they might be able to communicate with their own ideas one day. If that’s possible, then they might be able to follow our minds and come up with words.

2 thoughts on “Inspiration at MSU Hatch

  1. I like your idea very much. I always deny myself, but I find it necessary to put forward some seemingly impossible ideas. In the future, some people will realize these impossible ideas. If we don’t put forward ideas, interesting and simple ideas will be forgotten.

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  2. Zimo, I loved the idea you pitched in class! It was unique and definitely solved a problem a lot of college students face.

    Through reading your post, it looks like you have a few other amazing ideas! I think you should move forward with these ideas because—like we’ve learned in class—they solve problems that you and others have encountered.

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