Hannah Brenner

Social Media/Marketing

Reading about social media is fun for me. This is what I do! I’ve been so lucky with my internship at The Social Gemini that it is now a part-time job. I think the power and use of social media professionally is fascinating. I am so interested in the professional side of social media, but I definitely don’t treat my personal accounts the same way. I like to keep a clear distinction between my personal accounts and the way I use social media at work.

I really believe social media strategy is so important, like Samuel Edwards said in his article for Inc.com. The other point he made about listening instead of talking is spot on. I think it is important to create a welcoming space on your social media for customers to tell others about their experience. What he didn’t say is that all of this work, when done well, seems effortless. That’s the goal – to not make it look like you are trying too hard on your social media pages.

The marketing strategies in this article from Fortune remind me of the business plans we worked on. Think. First. I think it is so interesting how naturally the Bailey Tea went through this process without thinking first – and I don’t think that is the norm!

I know from experience that RISE is an amazing community filled with motivated, like minded people. I still live with RISE friends and we all drink a lot of tea – so it makes sense that the market was there and the students were ready to develop the project. The marketing wasn’t an issue because RISE students live in the building with those making the tea.

I like that the article in Entrepreneur made its list simple. So much of the marketing aspect comes easily to passionate businesses like the Bailey Tea Project, I bet it wouldn’t take them long at all to check off all these boxes. I truly think that sitting down and organizing thoughts leads to more intentional actions which leads to success. This article shows a way to harness those instincts into a logical format.

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