Gabrielle Johnson

There’s always room for growth

I always thought that starting a business would be easy. In my mind, all a person had to due was create a useful product, find customers and BAM! The money would start pouring in. I was right about creating a useful product and finding a target market, but when it comes to entrepreneurship being easy, I was wrong. Although the journey of being an entrepreneur has it’s challenges, one thing that I do know is that it’s worth it.

My JRN 450 Creating/Marketing Media class has not only opened my eyes to the world of entrepreneurship, but it has prepared me for creating a startup. To be honest, when I first signed up for the class I assumed it would be only about marketing. I had no idea that over the next four months I would create a startup. Not only would I be creating a startup but I would be the CEO as well.

I was confident in being the leader of my group. But I quickly learned that being a leader meant stepping up and putting in a lot of hardwork. I also learned that every good startup needs a team. I was thankful to have a team of women who worked together to get each assignment done. Having an all-star team really took the pressure off of me.

When we hear about successful entrepreneurs, we picture one person who had a great idea and got lucky. What we don’t see is the people who helped get the idea off the ground and the hard work that went on behind the scenes. Overnight success is a myth.

After this class I’ve realized that success is possible but it’s take a lot of time and work. There are no shortcuts because it is a journey. During this journey, it’s important to always be prepared for change and learning new things. An entrepreneur has to constantly find new ways to reinvent their product. The product doesn’t stop growing. It is like a living organism that keeps growing and growing.

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