Anthony Sandoval

Spartans Innovate Outro

Well, it has been an educational semester to say the least.

I would like to say this was a great end of my college experience. This entrepreneurial course gave me reason to question what path I want to take in the next year. It showed me that I have options, aside from getting a 9-5 M-F job. I can take what I learned from this class and make my own creation — a business, an app, a idea — and just run with it. Push it to its limits, see how I can change the face of social media or anything really. See what the world needs, and find it.

This class taught me the step-by-step breakdown to create a business. It showed me that I can do this. I can go back and see exactly what to prep for a business meeting with investors.

The best part, is our class was unorthodox and nothing like the business college at Michigan State. But, in a way, I think it worked better. I feel like I learned what business students took all four years to learn. I’m sure that isn’t true, but it’s how I feel. I can create a business just from the knowledge and assignments from this class, and not to mention, know how to make a killer investor slide show and sizzle reel.

Problem, Solution, Product. MVP. Market Analysis. Content Plan. Sizzle Reel. Final Pitch.

I can’t emphasis how much this class really showed me that anyone can create a business, anyone can be an entrepreneur. On our business tour in Detroit, that was one thing that all owners preached. Anyone can be an entrepreneur if they are passionate and are willing to put in the work.

It is a great class to wrap-up college with. The journalism school was great and taught me plenty for my field. I took electives that I had interested in, one, actually being an intro class. This class, was very done by the book. I had to purchase one, take weekly quizzes, then three exams.

In this class, I learned business through creating one. That is the best thing about the journalism school. Everything is so hands on, you learn from experience. Sure, it might have been on a media topic, but business is business. Everything we did, is all you have to do to start your own company.

The class was great, our professor was great, and was the best person for the job. An entrepreneur herself, and experienced journalist. It was a great class to reflect on my whole spartan career, and to look for the future.

With graduation just a few days away, and I feel like I have a few paths I can take that will lead me to all different ending points. It is quite nerve wracking, I must say, though, I’m at ease. I do feel that I should already know what I’ll be doing. Something about it, is riveting. It feels like surreal, like very exciting, but terrifying at the same exact time. I actually love it.

I once read something (completely unrelated I might add) that you can only experience something the first time, and that first time is always the most satisfying. The example they used was the first time you hear a song, you can never hear that song for a first time, ever again.

Not sure why typing this post made me think of that again.

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