Xinyi Xie

A Little Yes and No in Startup


In the article “Newsonomics: Rebuilding the news media will require doubling-down on its core values” the author discussed his views on new media and also pointed out some problems that many journalists or media workers are having right now.

Since my first journalism class, my professor talked about how important the accuracy is in news story and how to “tell the truth.” Ever since that, almost every professor will talk about it like we are first-day school kids. I was a little tired of this repetitive content.

It might because of the fierce competition between different media or for more profit, there are some newspaper or other media started to report fake news, or exaggerated stories. These type of stories usually have a really inflated title to gain reader’s attention. In China, we call such type of news are “title attractor”. Because once you click the link and started to read, you will find out that the whole article is full of rubbish and make no sense. You will notice that you might waste your precious time on read nothing.

Under these digital society, everyday people are facing and consuming overloaded information. To attract more readers, some news organizations even started “create” news. Just like Ken Doctor wrote in his article “… that as a learning species and nation, we could all agree that facts are important.”

Yes, as a journalism student, fact is what we learned since the first day of class, but after years of practices in career, some journalists seems begin to forget all that.

Some journalists may say that they wrote such news because readers love these types and it also help reader to like news. since one side can make money from this and the other side might be entertained, this is a “win-win”. For them, I would like to use a word from the article “Hold the media accountable, and make your public officials hear you”.


The chapter 2 of “What Works: An Overview of Successful Site Models “introduced different strategies of build a successful website and how to make great revenue. There is a part of the article mentioned how important diversity is to startups because diversity could bring more sources and possibilities to an organization.

This also reminds me our own startup project in class. Before I really came up with ideas of how to “sell myself” to Gabi, and I only introduced my background of working in China before, she decided to hire me. I was so surprised because I did not think about that before. And the Gabi told me the reason of hire me “because our team needs diversity and I hope you could bring us different idea.” Until then, I started to rethink about myself: yes, there are something I should definitely added on my resume: diversity background.

Since I am a Chinese and always make contact with Chinese student and Chinese organizations, I could take advantage of my connections with them to find more interesting activities and update them in our app “Something to do”.

Sometimes, make your staff group diversity means more ideas and users.

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