Hannah Brenner

The Dream: Spouses in Business

By Hannah Brenner

Over and over in success stories I see spouses who found a way to work together. Josh Ward and Trish Russoniello handle writing and photography respectively for redbankgreen. Donna Ladd and her partner, Todd Stauffer, work together on the Jackson Free Press. Beyonce and Jay-Z are, well, Beyonce and Jay-Z. Need I say more?


When reading stories like this I always wonder how that worked out so well for them. Did they meet because they worked in the same field? Did they form their relationship around this interest? All I know is my boyfriend wants to work in public health, so apparently I need to ditch him.


In all seriousness, I truly believe that collaboration is vital part of starting something new. The businesses mentioned in What Works” An Overview of Successful Site Models have a great market and a creative twist. Plus, the spouse combos always have each other to bounce their ideas off of. P

lus, the kindergarten tips mentioned in Newsonomics seem like a great foundation for a marriage. Share everything, play fair, clean up your own mess, and say you’re sorry when you hurt somebody. If you can apply these values to your marriage you can apply them to your journalism/media company and become the ultimate power couple.



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