David Greenberg

An Idea, Ready to Hatch

To me, there is something so unique about start-up companies. When people think of the world’s largest companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and thousands of other ginormous companies, they often forget they first originated as an idea.

After getting a birds-eye view of MSU’s start-up company center, The Hatch, it gave me a unique perspective on these businesses. If there is one thing I learned, it’s…

Over the weekend I was so fascinated by these multi-billion dollar companies and how they got their start. I was sitting in my bed on Saturday morning and my mind began to wander. I Googled, “Steve Jobs documentary.” I found one on Netflix that was all about Jobs’ life and his path from a garage, to America’s first trillion dollar company.

Watching it was so incredibly entertaining because I could relate the things I saw in the film to things that I have been learning in my media entrepreneurship class.

One key idea I was able to relate to that stuck out to me from the film was how Jobs’ used his ability to predict what people wanted with his next invention. In class, I believe the main idea we have been trying to establish is that with your idea, you must be solving a problem.

Another way that Jobs was genius was in his marketing strategies. He didn’t want his technology just to be YOURS, he wanted it to be YOU. He did that by hitting every single last detail. Arguably the greatest and most influential invention in history was the creation of the iPhone. One thing I learned, that really impacted me and I had never known before, was that Jobs wanted the screen to be black and reflective. The purpose for this, was so that right before you turn your phone on, you see yourself.

Being in the Hatch and hearing stories about start-ups that have come through there was very interesting. It is the perfect place to go if you have an idea, but just don’t know how to get it off the ground.

I think that is one of the biggest issues with start-ups is how to develop ideas into well thought out and extremely organized companies. The Hatch at MSU is a perfect place to take an idea, develop it, and let it hatch into your dream job.

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