Trevor Toczydlowski

The Hatch: Something I Never Knew I Needed Until Now

When my media entrepreneurship class was told to meet at The Hatch, I had no idea what it was. Maybe it was because I transferred into the school for my junior year? Maybe it was because I wasn’t in a major that needed to know what it was?

After the visit however, its something I wish I had discovered before my final semester at MSU.

The Hatch is an amazing space for creativity and resources. I was shocked when they said that almost of the resources they provide are free to students. One of the biggest barriers for star-ups is the money needed to get it off the ground. The Hatch provides a lot of those resources that a student would need.

Although being an entrepreneur is not something I ever saw myself doing, knowing about The Hatch and what they provide may have pushed me more into that field. I think that the university should do more to promote The Hatch. Even people who aren’t business majors or interested in starting their own company could gain a lot from know about and utilizing the resources that The Hatch provides.

The staff that we met with were all so friendly and the space is very conducive to new ideas. There is lots of space dedicated to work as well as space to just relax or hang out. Often times the best ideas will come when you’re ready to have one, but not actively trying to think of the next big idea.

There have been several major successes that have come out of The Hatch as well as others that are well on their way. They make sure that you come with a good idea and then will do everything in their power to ensure that your dream has its best chance to become a reality.

If I had known about The Hatch from the time I got to Michigan State, I would’ve surely found a way to take advantage of what they offer. I’m really disappointed that I will not be able to make use of all that The Hatch provides.

I’m not sure what exactly goes into the freshman orientation at MSU, but I think The Hatch should be something that should be introduced to all incoming students regardless of their major. Having so much support, especially financially, could bring about a new group of future start-ups to East Lansing and beyond.

I don’t know how much more time I will spend there as I move closer to my graduation date, but I will share what The Hatch brings and hope that it becomes a home for great ideas and support for all students. Their partnerships and monetary support are unlike anything else I know of on campus and should be shared with all students.

One thought on “The Hatch: Something I Never Knew I Needed Until Now

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t know about The Hatch! I also wish I had learned about it sooner and had tried to make my own startup a reality. I think this is probably the case for many students at MSU. Perhaps there’s a startup idea in there somewhere?

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