Anastasia Niforos · Geneva Swanson · Madeline Stamm

Looking for the Best Coney in Lansing?

Have you ever asked yourself why you would go to one Coney Island restaurant vs another? Aren’t they all the same? Or is there something that sets each coney apart?

Well do not fret!

For our media and entrepreneurship class we set out to answer those exact questions — and in the process learn more about competition.

We focused on three coneys in East Lansing: Hannah’s Koney Island, Leo’s Coney Island and Sparty’s Coney Island.

hannah CI quoteHannah's Koney island

leo quoteLeo's Coney Island

sparty quoteSparty Coney Island final .png

After we had gorged ourselves on all this delicious food we sat back and thought about our experiences at each location. They all had great service, about the same price range and delicious food.

Leo’s was more traditional Greek food, great location, long open hours, and a large venue.

Sparty’s was easily the busiest, had a very wide range of breakfast options, and a cozy/diner feel (and I mean come on its called SPARTY’S!).

Hannah’s was a smaller/relaxed venue, had a lot of homemade options, and the food came out super quick.

All together it depends on what KIND of food you are looking for. For breakfast we’d recommend Sparty’s; for some yummy Greek food definitely Leo’s; and for some good old fashioned homemade specials we’d visit Hannah’s.


yum meme

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