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Digital Media is Taking Over the World of Media

Cell phones and digital media is taking over

Digital media has grown in all aspects of the world for some years now, but I never really knew the impact was as big as the Pew Research Center showed in its recent report.

In each year digital media has grown in every area when it comes to advertising, the number of people viewing sites, the use of computers and cellphones and how people are receiving news or anything for that matter.

I think it is pretty cool and interesting that the use of media has evolved and honestly taken over how we as people get information but also how media has become our lives. For me I know that digital media is how I get my information whether its weather, new stories, where I shop or where I connect with other people.

The world of digital media is changing fast and its going to take over. Public broadcasting as a whole has remained relevantly normal and in my opinion I didn’t expect a drastic change.

What I thought was interesting in radio was that the article didn’t talk much about satellite radio or XM radio. I thought that those would be big topics in radio because they have become the new form of radio with less commercials and specific music people want to listen to and not just whats on their local radios.

Another thing was that money the radio stations spend to was increasing early and I thought that was interesting because they spend so much to put out to get things how much of it really helps with the revenue they bring in.

The decline in Hispanic and African American news media was shocking but not overly surprising to me. I think for me it opened my eyes to show that as a minority in our society I should honestly subscribe to one or two of these black-owned papers because I feel like that is helping my people in a economic way but also opening my eyes to more of what they see.

It also is surprising to see the Hispanic news going down because they are the biggest minority within the United States and might soon take over as the biggest population and to see their culture and news decrease says something about whats going on in the world. This article truly opened my eyes and made me want to become a subscriber or at least look at the information they write about.

I was honestly shocked that local TV news is doing better than cable and network news. I thought people would personally want bigger news stories than local ones, but then I realized that local news deals more with issues within their community like schooling, traffic, criminal cases and things like that. But then for bigger stories like the president, the election or criminal cases that deal with people of status people would more or like go to stations like Fox, CNN, NBC, and ABC. Newspapers are going out of style and everyone is going digital.

I am not surprised that there has been a drop of print newspaper circulation across the country because now your iPad, computer or phone can pull up the daily news for you. There are still ways that people can still get The New York Times or The Chicago Tribune instead of getting it delivered to their door or picking it up at a newsstand. But in my opinion I think that there are enough people that still buy print newspapers so we won’t see it for another five to 10 years that print newspaper will be gone

One thought on “Digital Media is Taking Over the World of Media

  1. Kiara, I thoroughly enjoyed your post. You brought up several good points and also touched base on things that I didn’t quite understand when I originally read the article. I really liked what you said about subscribing to a news media since it’s declining and you want to help save it. That made me sit back myself and think, “Okay if I want to be a Journalism major and have a career in this field when I graduate from college, then what am I doing to help save local papers and websites or even national medias as well?” I really had to sit and think to myself about how I don’t watch any news programs, read any news papers, go to any news-sites or listen to any podcasts or anything, it made me realize that I am apart of the problem when people say that the journalism world is dying. Not only that, but not partaking in any of the above media is also hurting me because I’m not getting any tips/ skills from news stories shared on those platforms thus potentially making it harder for me in the future to acquire them myself or at the very least at least prolonging the process. Also I think you were spot on with saying that people tend to tune into local news because it’s about their community’s and I agree. I think that they get their national news online (CNN, FOX, ETC) throughout the day (thanks to mobile devices) and then tune into their local news in the morning and evenings. I also feel like it may be more beneficial to get local news from the broadcast because it may be harder/ near impossible to find out about some local stories online, or it may be hard to get the full story as opposed to say getting national stories offline. Another thing you pointed out was how you said you think that newspapers will at least last another 5-10 years and I think that, that 10 may have been too generous. I say about 5-6 only because each passing year technology exceedingly evolves and shows us that we don’t need newspapers. Overall, great post, I really enjoyed it!


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