Before you start, you need to consider


Many traditional media companies are under their transform while there are lots of new media company are seeking to take a bite of the cake. However, the regular market has its limited size, it is important for these companies to find a new way to survive and make profit.

The article “Mastering the art of disruptive innovation in journalism” from Nieman Reports introduced some advice to these media companies. It emphasizes the importance of determining a potential client group or audience before build a company.

My favorite two cases from the article are Ikea and Metro. Last semester I went to Ikea with my roommate to shop for our new apartment. From kitchen ventilator to tableware, from bedstead to bed sheet, from furniture to toy…… It was really convenient that you could find almost everything a new home need in one store. When you are hungry or thirsty, you could just have some food and drinks in the store, children could also get their favorite ice-cream. Its time-saving when you could settle everything for a new home in one day.

The success of this Swedish brand not only came from its low price, but also because they could accurately catch consumer’s need.

Another interesting case is Metro, a newspaper which created for people who felt bored on Subway. Although I never read this Metro before, but I think this is a really smart way to let the brand stand out. It happened a lot myself when I am at a subway and find out the signal of my phone was blocked and I have nothing to do to kill the time. At that time, I think I would be really appreciate that there has something I could read

Some people complained about the competition between company is so harsh, and there are lots of similar products full of the market. But I think It is essential to have a different angle of view when starting a business.  In that way, you will gain your specific group of clients which could be really helpful for your latter expand.

Another article, “How to start a startup “pointed out three important characters that a successful business should have “they’re something the founders themselves want, that they themselves can build, and that few others realize are worth doing “.

The article helped me to understand that creativity in business does not mean be unrealistic; on the contrast, it needs to help people to actually solve problems. Facebook was built to helped Harvard students to keep connected to their friends after graduation; Apple was built to help people use computer easier; Instagram was just built for people to share their photos. Sometimes, the start of a business is so small which could easily be ignored by people. However, once you started from the small angle, you might on the right path.

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