99 Problems and a startup is one

By Gabrielle Johnson 

Problems. Problems. Problems. We all have them and according to the article How to Get Startup Ideas, the way to think of effective startup ideas is to turn these problems into a useful product. I never really thought about creating ideas this way. F

rom businesses to blogs to websites, I always had this block on what I thought was the perfect idea. I knew that I wanted to create something. I knew the various ways I could create something. I knew that I wanted my creation to be a success. The only issue was I didn’t know what to create. I read this article and thought to myself, “this is really good advice.”

Then I had a minor epiphany. What if my startup problem is thinking of a startup problem? Woah.


Sure, like most people, I have a lot of problems. But all my other problems had solutions. There was an app for this, an app for that and of course my beloved Google search bar. So if thinking of a startup was my startup problem, then how would I ever create a new idea? I was confused.


Then I started thinking again. Maybe part of thinking of  a good startup is not just looking at your problems. Maybe the idea is to find a problem within an already solved problem. Or maybe I’m thinking about it too deep.

The article says, “Most things that are missing will take some time to see. You almost have to trick yourself into seeing the ideas around you.” Instead of focusing on the next big thing, I’m going to start paying attention to the things around me.

I used to tell myself to just wait for the perfect idea to pop up in my head. But maybe it isn’t about waiting for that right idea. It’s about creating something then seeing what works and what needs work. I’m hopeful that I will create something useful in the future and who knows, it might turn into the next big thing.

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