Besides news, traditional media could also do…

By Xinyi Xie

From the News Media 2016 report by Pew Research Center State, we could easily find that digital media plays an important role in the marketing while the traditional newspaper field lose their 7% audience trends annually.

Under the great recession of the U.S. newspaper industry, most traditional media are working on digital transition. Actually, traditional media had several different trials: some started working on digital newspaper, some started their news website and some even created their news apps. However, some of these efforts are not so helpful.

Under this era, as the progresses and popularization of mobile internet, especially while self-phones and social medias became to an important part in our life. Digital media started to crazy expand in the market, and brought people more efficient and funny life which also occupied people’s time fragments.

From the report, In the 2016 U.S. presidential election, about 65% U.S. adults said that they gained news from digital media. This number was so high compared to the 2012 presidential election which 17% of people said they learned news from social media.

In fact, I still believe that traditional media has its advantages in some aspects. For traditional media, their content and brand had already earned a group of clients for them in past few decades. And under the that core competitive power, they still have impacts on mainstream society.

Of course, it is hard to find the right way to transition from non-digital to digital, especially while the market and revenue had already taken from the five top companies: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo and Verizon. In these five companies, Facebook has most revenue which about 30% out of the market and 77% of the revenue came from mobile ads.


I think there are several questions for traditional media who are facing a need of transition must consider. Firstly, what is your new form? And who are the clients you aimed? And then, you will need to consider about how to be like that.

There is an interesting case in Chinese media field. In 2016, there are a weekly newspaper suddenly announced that they will stop publication. And then, the chef editor of the newspaper brought his team to started a new media company called Yitiao TV. In each day, they post a short video on various social media such as Weibo (similar to Twitter). Their video are about various topics included life, food, art and even fashion. Suddenly, this company gained lots of people’s attention on social media.  Right now, they have more than 7 million followers and most of their audiences are middle-class young people who cares about life quality.


In this case, this company use a creative and popular way to attract more “reader— video. Indeed, video has become to a new trend of media because this is an easier way for the audience to receive information. Although the topics of the video are not limited, the company choose to post video daily to keep the exposure rate to the public. Since the beginning, this media company had cleared target clients and they choose to make a formal and high quality video instead of other funny or Kuso style.


This is a smart and great example of traditional media change to digital media. Sometimes, these traditional media really need to considered about how to impact people and spread information in a new way.

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