Danielle Carrier

Travel Easy With This New App

Imagine you are on a road trip from Cleveland to Harsen’s Island, north of Lake St. Clair, on a warm sunny day. You stop in Detroit looking to waste a few hours in the city. Your friend calls in the midst and tells you to use a new app she discovered called “Travel Easy.” You download the app and quickly discover Detroit Eastern Market while also being informed that the Detroit Tigers are up 4-1 against the Cleveland Indians

Have you ever wanted an app that at the click of a button instantly lets you know what’s going on near you?

With this innovative app I am proposing, by turning on location services and using your phone’s internal navigation system, this new app called Travel Easy will instantly update you, if you are in a new location or on vacation, with local news, events, weather, gas prices, etc. happening in the area.

Traveling to a new place can be scary when you are lost and don’t know where to go. One may say its best to ask a local, but with this app, you are a local. Stay current on news! Stopping in an unknown town, would you want to know if there was a theft or gunman on the loose? I sure would! There is nothing like this on the market.

Source: blog.smallerearth.com

Sure, there are apps that provide weather, local events, free wi-fi locations, translators and currency calculators. Gas Buddy and Hotel Tonight are also among popular travel apps. But with this app, at the tip of your fingers all these “10 Best Free Travel Apps” and more will be combined into one.

This easy travel guide is best when you only have a short amount of time in a certain place wanting to take a lunch break, see historic sites, meet up with an old friend or go to a nearby mall without going on the internet curiously typing up the usual “fun things to do in *insert city*.”

Users with the app will be able to recommend, rate and take photos of places they have been to. This helps curate trust within the apps audience and is predicted to give a broader view or outlying cities some love too. A version for $2.99 will also be available for purchase to seek hotel prices with partnered hotels and see the latest restaurant/ happy hour deals going on. Every week there will be a new update incase of any new locations or roads are added to the navigation database.

Source: ThinkStock Photos

With this app, you will not feel lost or alone in a new city. This app provides fun, excitement and a new way to travel easy on the go. With all your favorite travel apps in one, don’t dilute your phone’s memory with wasted space. Simply opt-in for Travel Easy and become a local in an instant.

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