Christine Larouere

The Spawn of Snapchat and Instagram

Social media is a critical component to any successful campaign. It is a way for consumers to connect with a brand and understand it on a personal level. When looking at what kind of media I would create, I feel a new social media would be able to make interactions with people even more personal.

According to the website “We Are Social Media,” one of the top 10 reasons people use social media is to share photos and videos with each other. If I were to create an ideal social media platform, I would combine Instagram and Snapchat. It would look like the scrolling feature of Instagram and have the thumbnail be a picture. However, if a friend wanted to view more of what was happening after the photo was taken, he or she would double tap on the picture and short videos, like the 10 second Snapchats, would then play. A friend wouldn’t be able to comment on every video posted, however, they would be able to “like” both the picture and videos. Because people are always looking to share photos and videos, by combining both, everyone can get a mix of both worlds.

By combining picture and video, the viewer’s attention is caught by a picture and is then able to see additional media. This gives the person the freedom to pick exactly what they want to watch after being interested by the photo. With Snapchat’s current platform, people must click on their story and click through videos that they may not care to see. With having the component of choosing to further see more media from the person they are following, it would allow a person to focus on the information presented. In addition, by being able to “like” the collection of the photo and videos, it still gives interaction between two accounts and allows the person to still feel like they are able to connect with their fellow followers.

The reason why I would combine the two platforms is because both have proved to be easy to use and connect people on a personal level. According to Fortune, Snapchat has accumulated about 100 million daily users. This has proven that people are looking to Snapchat for not only information about their friends but other news and information that is applicable to them.

In addition, Statistia has shown that Intsagram has reached over 400 million users by September of 2015. With both massive numbers from each platform, combining the platforms would take social media to the next level. Pictures and videos can be some of the strongest forms of communication; therefore, by combining them, brands and various people would be able to make a statement and influence culture.

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