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Newspaper Layoffs – Where Are We Headed?

This week, we discussed the recent Gannett, BuzzFeed and HuffPost layoffs in the media. While this news wasn’t necessarily anything new, it was striking as journalists have often viewed BuzzFeed and HuffPost to be unique in the way they approach their audiences.

It isn’t traditional media, and to watch it dwindle nonetheless is another blow to journalists everywhere. As mentioned in the Slate article “The Crisis Facing American Journalism Did Not Start With the Internet”, even with these cuts, the Gannett news is the scariest. “It is one of the last big newspaper chains that has properties in markets of all size,” the article states. A powerhouse being ripped at the seams.

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Then, as a class and in the article, we dove into the discussion of how news got to this point. It isn’t as simple as the public often assumes. Internet wasn’t the sole force that harmed print media. Bad business tactics coupled with faulty investor expectations were some other driving forces that brought down print media.

When the recession hit, news outlets were cutting costs by cutting employees. A lot. And since then, a decline has been prevalent in news media. Local papers have decreased extensively, and the future of local print news is questionable. We begin to fear that it might be wiped out for good down the line. This contrasts with hubs that succeed digitally, like BuzzFeed and HuffPost, which offers a new worry: is digital safe? Or is all news media subject to cuts? Us journalists are screaming.

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As journalists, we know that stories are meant to be told. With extensive layoffs hitting all elements of the newsroom, we must push to bring journalism back in a new light. These stories need to be told. The public needs to hear it. We need to tell them. The future is scary, but it may not have to be – the next big thing could save us.

2 thoughts on “Newspaper Layoffs – Where Are We Headed?

  1. Reading these stories and talking in our JRN 450 class hasn’t been the first time I’ve heard about cuts within newsrooms, either. It’s interesting to hear about the things that have contributed to these layoffs, and it’s helpful to know that the internet is not the sole reason.

    I agree that layoffs at Buzzfeed and HuffPost make the future seem scary. Like you said, layoffs could be affecting all aspects of the newsroom, including digital.

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  2. I think that Buzzfeed and HuffPost layoffs are scary for the future of journalists. Them being digital media companies, which was supposed to be the newest thing, instills fear in me as a young journalist. I also find it interesting to see what leads to layoffs within newsrooms. I do believe that journalists and newsrooms will find a way to adapt to the changes in media once again.

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