Katie Kalass

Taking Control of Our Industry, One Idea at a Time.

To be honest with you, I wasn’t sure what to expect when we took a class trip to the Hatch. Through VIM Magazine, and other media platforms at MSU, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing students that actively work with the Hatch on startup ideas.

Last year, I sat down with a young fashion designer who was able to send his line to Paris fashion week – and it was all because of the Hatch. At the time, I was unaware of the vast network and scope of resources that the Hatch had to offer. I never understood how a vision or idea could transform into a company that, in his case, paid for his last year of college.

As I entered the office, I understood right away. From consultation, to resources like marketing or design, the Hatch provided everything to get an idea off the ground – and more.

Nonetheless, an idea is never enough. As we spoke with members of the Hatch, they reiterated that a team is essential to the success of a startup. As we stood up, one by one, it was clear that all of us had great ideas to solve problems in our community and beyond, but where do we begin?

Through listening to podcasts, and reading articles, most successful entrepreneurs explain that there has to be a money factor. Where is the money in journalism? We’re constantly told that journalism lacks stability and money, but is it possible to solve the problem ourselves?

The answer, which was present in every pitch presented by my peers, was yes. We have the power to change our industry. We possess the skills necessary to grow with the industry, and don’t worry – money and stability are attainable too.

We possess knowledge that most business students lack – a clear understanding of media and an industry that is changing before our very eyes. We know the problems inside and out, and it’s our job to fix them (well, at least if we hope to have careers in about three months).

In my opinion, news is changing due to technology and the need for convenience. Many of my classmates pitched ideas that adhere to these needs of viewers, including personalized news apps, podcast software that allows journalists to conveniently develop pieces and even fact-checking software to decrease fake news publishing.

I’m confident that with teamwork, passion and industry background – we can change the field. Don’t believe me? No worries, the Hatch is just a visit away. It’s time to take control of our industry, one idea at a time.

One thought on “Taking Control of Our Industry, One Idea at a Time.

  1. Katie, I agree with your post in many different aspects. Being a fellow journalism student, I also see what makes journalists different than other potential employers. We are able to communicate and tell a story like no other, and we understand the ins and outs of media more than most. I think we all can take control of our ever-changing industry with our knowledge.

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