Xinyi Xie

One day in Detroit


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Have a one-day trip in Detroit made JRN 450 became to the coolest class I had ever took in MSU. Before last Friday, the only place I am familiar in Detroit is Detroit Metropolitan Airport because I always travel between China and America. I really appreciate Amy gave us the chance to visit this city, meet all interesting people and get known this city from different parts.

Before this tour, my impression for Detroit is still about its bankruptcy, so I image this city is poor and unsafe. After I arrived there, I surprised found that this city is showing great vitality. There are lots of new shops open and people are all trying to make their life more colorful. And it is different to many big cities such as NYC or Chicago, people I met in Detroit are all very nice and full of passion.

Like Amy Kaherl said to us “Entrepreneurship is hard and difficult lonely road to go.” Almost every speaker we met mentioned the importance of interest in entrepreneurship, because that will be what helped you to adhere to your business when you meet all those struggles.

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Started from interests, Rohani and Kiki started The Farmer’s Hand to provide organic food and other convenience to their neighborhood; started from interests, two girls who do not have any chemistry background could made their organic lipsticks; started from interests, Eric Yelsma opened his Detroit Denim store to make jeans.

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I found myself sometimes too lazy to consider my own interests and goals. Sometimes I might just hide in my comfort zones and wait for my parents to arrange my life for me. However, those jobs which they believed is very suitable for me are not what I really interested in. If I really follow their instructions, those jobs might just be my “golden handcuffs..

Tamara Kamara from the city of Detroit said all the small wins are important because that is what will build the big ones later. After listen to her speech, I realized that I need to figure out what my real interests is and started to working for those goals.  Like she said “short-term goals made long-term success”.

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