Xinyi Xie

Freelancing isn’t easy

Freelance is the type of media worker I want to be, but I’ve never really a chance to talk with anyone. Personally, I like this job because it seems give lots of free time to people. You could work at home, you may choose to do what you want to write about and you also have the ability to give yourself a short break whenever you want. Well, everything seems really attractive to me.

After we had a short time talk with Abigail Bassett, I realized all the imagination is too simple and shallow.

Abigail definitely has her personal style, and from those exotic jewelries she was wearing, I guess she probably travel a lot. But for me, the most impressive part of her, is her smile. She has really warm smile and she is never stingy about it. I thought she might be work as fashion or lifestyle blogger, however, I was really surprised when Amy told us what she really passionate about is auto. Well, it is hard to connect her with that “man’s world.”

From her introduction, I understood that freelance is not that easy. First of all, you need to have great ability to deal with people. Since you may not have a boss to tell you what to do, you need keep in touch with people and build your own relations with them because everyone could bring your next offer. Because the money would not just transfer to your account each month, you need go out and search for the chances. For people who are looking for a stable life style, freelance might be not a good choice. But people who like meet and talk to different people, listen to their story or wish their life keep novelty, freelance could be their dream job.

Secondly, freelance need you have the ability to manage your time. When more and more people are facing procrastination, sometimes your biggest enemy is yourself. Sometimes, I will also be involved in such situation and always regret after I procrastinating my job. I told myself: no more, but same thing will happen in the next time. Abigail seems provide a good method to deal with such situation to us: if you have a job need to be done in certain time, just keep yourself in a place such as your working desk, do not leave that space until you finish your work. Because in this field, deadline means everything. If your deadline was given, you should do anything you could to meet that time.

Last but not least, you need have better skills to prove that you have the ability. As a former producer of CNN, Abigail has great professional skills including professional writing, photograph and create video. Right now, more and more people are tired of reading, instead of that, people tended to watch videos. Thus, in the digital media field, it is very important to have these skills because it will bring you more chances than other. As a freelance, you also need to show your skills to your client to gain their trust and prove your ability.

After talk to Abigail, I started to consider to learn about how to make better video and working on my skills on storytelling and time management. Because be your own boss, also mean you need do more job.

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