Xinyi Xie

More Profit, More Duty

There is a famous adage in fashion that  “less is more.” Actually, this is not only works in fashion, it is could also been used in business. A white shirt with no patterns or anything special could be the most popular product; an app with very clear design that might only provide one basic function for users could gain huge success. These design seems very easy and basic; some people even might think “it was so simple that I could also do that!”

However, just like the video “embrace ambiguity” said: designers might need to came up with thousands of different ideas to find the most suitable one. “we just exploring lots of possible answers, lots of possible solutions, because we don’t know what’s goanna work out.” Because the designer does not know what the correct answer is, because unlike mathematics, he could not just calculate an answer. Design is full of uncertainty.


The article from Design Kit talked about how the designers adjusted their product after talked to their target audiences. I went to the TED✖MSU last year, and one of the guest speaker talked about human centered design. That was the first time I heard this term. Human centered design is a type of design which including human perspectives in all the process. Working closely with customer’s needs, will help designers to find the best way to solve their target audience’s question. As we learned in the past weeks, find what the market need is very essential to a new product.

The video from Ted Talk mainly introduced how Joe Gebbia came up the idea of create Airbnb and how he tried to change people’s bias. As he said “People prefer people who are similar to themselves, the more different somebody is, the less we trust them. This is a natural social bias.” It took time and lots of efforts to let people open their inner heart to strangers. However, with his interesting design of website which guide the host and guest have efficient communication and with right amount disclosure of personal information, he successfully helped strangers to build trust and willing to overcome stranger danger bias.

160830191037-airbnb-police-780x439But this did not mean everything was perfect. Some friends of mine had shared their similar experiences to me: when they use Airbnb and communicate with the hosts, they had fun to talk with each other. But when the host know they are Chinese girls, the hosts might never reply their messages and refuse to let them be the guests. Definitely, this is a racism. I do not know if Joe Gebbia could imagine this might happened when he first designed this website, but obviously there are many people are facing similar questions.

Like the article from “back channel” mentioned “These companies weren’t thinking about the way bias would influence how people use their services; they were moving fast and breaking things, content to fill in the details later. Even the company could claim these biases had nothing to do with their website because they only working as the third party who working to provide this platform, I still believe that they need to do something for such “accidents”. Because the more money you made, the more duties you need to take.

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