Xinyi Xie

Never Stop Your Steps in Media Field

For this week’s five readings, I realized that not only small media companies or print media are searching for a better transition but so are those that are already well-developed. Some of those companies are trying to create a new product and some are trying to upgrade their service. These changes definitely represented how the competition is stiff in this field. Every day, there are something different happened and once you stop your step of advance, you might be surpassed immediately.

Some articles such as “Under its new CEO, New York Magazine is branching out into more ‘voice-y news products’” and “Business news site Quartz is getting ready to launch a subscription business” all mentioned the trends of pay news. I totally agree with this idea because I think this would provide higher quality service to readers who really had interests in the article. These article might be write by more professional writers with their critical thinking. These is a win-win for both readers and writers, since reader could find more useful information and writer could gain more profit.

In the Neiman Lab article “The Christian Science Monitor is betting big on constructive, non-depressing (but paid-for) news”, it talked about how the Christian Science Monitor wish to change the fields and the way their users read news. One thing really attracted me which was the monitor was “designed to get them out of their news comfort zones”. This is really attractive to me because I always think that the news topics I read news each day is too simplex. The news I might had chance to read on social media might always about China, international relationship, entertainment, and fashion. I probably would not even know what happened in economic filed last week.

We all have our own news comfort zone, and there is always certain type of news you might felt bored. After a long work day, we might only want to read something simple and entertained to relax our stress, and for those article full of technical terms and data, we might only read its headline and close the site.

Recently, there is a terrible accident happened in Malaysia: A boat full of Chinese tourism was sinking and three Chinese died, six missing but 22 people from the boat were rescued. Many official Chinese news media reported this news and of course they interviewed some survival about what happened in this horrible 33 hours.

After the news article was published, most media talked about how people were helping each other during that time, and how adults trying to save the limited clean water to children and so on. These positive stories which avoided all the negative and selfish humanity might did make this accident less horrible, but the hurts of lost mother, or children, or most close friend was all buried when they trying to avoid the facts.

Once again, such news stories made me so disappointed and it also reminds me of always loyal to the facts. Just like the article said “You need to look at the facts, wherever they lead. If that makes somebody look so bad, so be it.”

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