Xin Wen · Xinyi Xie

How a Good Pitch Hatching Should Be?


Yesterday, it was an honor to attend The Hatching at Lansing Beer Company. Luckily, we can attend the activity with our professor, Amy Haimerl. She gave us a vivid and detailed explanation on how to make a good business pitch.


First, one of marketing professors has taught us: If you want to look like a boss, dress like a boss. Same thing here: if we want to get involved in a pitch at a bar, we need to dress relatively free to make our audience feel comfortable and integrated.


Second, make our presentation simple and clearly enough. There is a time limitation on the Hatching for candidates’ presentation. If you don’t make sense and not make your topic fun interesting enough, you might easily lose audience’s attention. 

Gigigot was the winner. And we personally like the idea because it’s very attracting and influential in a small community. I agree with his victory because I like his product very much. However, his speech is very fast, and as Asian, we cannot follow his speech smoothly.

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