Nadia Lorencz

Show Me the Money

This weeks reading was very intriguing to me. I have started working on a blog of my own and through research I’ve learned that bloggers get paid through ads. However, I never understood exactly how the ads worked. Do I reach out to companies? How much am I supposed to charge? aMany of my questions about advertisements were answered in the reading What Works: An Overview of Successful Site Models.

First and foremost, you have to have traffic coming through your blog in order to work with advertisers. No one is going to pay you to post an ad that no one will see. The level of traffic coming through your page determines the demand for ads. If you have a lot of traffic, you can charge higher prices.

Second, advertisements can be sold on a daily, weekly and monthly basis in the form of classified ads, mobile ads, sponsored posts and more. Depending on the type of ad, the price varies.

There is a difference between for-profit and non-profit sites. When considering starting a non-profit site, it should be considered that they normally do well in areas where there are enough foundations and businesses to support fundraising efforts. A small town is normally not the place for a non-profit site as there is not enough local financial support.

Upon launch, many non-profit sites receive grants that can be substantial enough to start the site and even to run the site for years down the road. This gives the site a chance to focus not only on fundraising and the financial aspect of running a non-profit, but also allows it to focus on its content which will ultimately attract more traffic.

When it comes to receiving grants and money for a local site, innovation is key. My favorite model happens to be that of MinnPost. They have an annual variety show where guests purchase tickets between $35-$200. I love this idea because it makes it affordable for almost anyone to support their local news organization. minnpost

I found this article extremely helpful in navigating the world of advertisements. It is very different today on the internet than it is in a newspaper and to have the ins and outs explained is very valuable.

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