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The Target Audience vs. Target Market video made me think BIGGER.



The target audience was much bigger than I originally thought. My first thought was that the target audience was just families. It just kept going with more ideas. There is always more, and all possible audiences need to be considered. The video mentioned many examples of target audiences for children’s books, but left out pediatrician offices, day cares, and so many more. There is always room to think BIGGER!

I saw dart boards used as images in the readings this week. I think that is a perfect way to visualize what I learned. The target market is the bullseye and everything surrounding them is the target audience. Some are more closely related than others, therefore are closer to the target market. All, however, are worth noting. The different sections of the dart board represent the demographic and psychographics of the target audience such as age, location, and personality.



The most important advice Inc gives on defining your target market is evaluation. Are there enough people in the children’s book target audience? I think there are. Will they benefit from the children’s book? Absolutely. It starts to break down even more when evaluating how each target makes decisions. In home it’s for personal use, in school more for education, and at a doctor’s office it is used to pass the time. Affordability is so variable that many facets need to be assessed.

As someone with social media marketing experience, I can see how this leads directly into marketing. Once the target market and audience are defined, the next step is to actually reach them. This article mentions the importance of social media since 83% of people on the internet under 50 years old utilize it. Every target group will have a different media strategy, all based around the same concept. THESE are the people that could use my product.


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