Austin Short · Hannah Brenner

Coney Quest -Austin and Hannah

By Austin Short and Hannah Brenner

Leo’s Coney Island – downtown East Lansing


Austin’s thoughts


Nick Linstruth – General Manager

On how they are unique – “Here, we pride ourselves on being fast, quick, and convenient. Students have tight schedules. We pride ourselves on our breakfast. I know a lot of the other Coney Islands don’t do breakfast or don’t do it as well as we do. It’s definitely a big thing here, getting everyone fed in the morning or after football games. Leo’s seems to be a great spot to cure that hangover. I like to think that we are faster than everyone, a little bit cleaner than everyone, and our portions are really good.”

Menu recommendations – “Personally I like the farmer’s omelette for breakfast. If we’re talking lunch or dinner you can never go wrong with a coney or a chicken finger pita. Our most popular items here are the chicken finger pita, the greek salads, and pretty much any of the omelettes. We sell the Go Green Omelette which is special for this store here. It’s got the avocado, the spinach and the swiss cheese in it that happens to go very well with MSU being green and white.


Zeus’s Coney Island – S Pennsylvania Ave, Lansing, MI

Austin’s thoughts


Enver Jusufi – Owner

On how they are unique – “First of all we use National Chili brand for our chili sauce and that is like a Detroit original. And we also use Dearborn natural skin cased hot dogs so they get a little crispness to it. We happen to think it is the best hot dog. We steam our buns. ”

Menu recommendations – “We have a variety of breakfasts from omelettes to skillets to just your traditional eggs, potatoes, and meat. Our skillets are really popular it uses O’Brien potatoes seasoned with salt and pepper. For lunch if you’re in the mood for a salad go chicken salad it’s really popular, our gyros are also really popular California veggie gyro is a nice sandwich for veggie lovers. And of course our Coneys.


Dan’s Coney Island – S Pennsylvania Avenue, Lansing, MI

Austin’s thoughts


John Gjidoda – Owner

On how they are unique – “We have way more options than the other people around here as far as Coney dogs. Great service, clean place. People that come here from Zeus’s like the atmosphere in here and the service in here. My hot dogs I use two different kinds of chili sauce. National Detroit chili sauce and Flint sauce which is drier. My hot dogs are Dearborn hot dogs, the same company that does Dearborn hams. It’s a very good brand. It’s the same kind of hot dogs that you can go downtown to Lafayette and you can order it here.”

Menu recommendations – For breakfast – the cinnamon roll pancakes. “The rueben sandwiches. to die for. My sandwiches are big. I probably have the best Reuben Sandwiches in Lansing without a doubt.”



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